My Little Ukulele

Music, Lyrics & Vocals by Carmel Madonna

On the beach of Waikiki
I love to play my little ukulele
I pluck the strings and strike a chord
Walk on the beach of the sandy shore
I play a hula song, last all day long
The grass skirts shake as the waves do break in Waikiki


Hula. Hula. Hula. Hay
Hula. Hula. Hula. Hee
I love to play all night and day
On my little ukulele
Palm trees sway and flower leis
The pineapple is delicious today
Aloha greetings from everyone
From the land of dreams and wishes

As the sun goes down the music sounds
Are high and low as the tide does flow
On the sandy beach
The moon was high in the night sky
The uke played on our favorite songs
In Waikiki


Little surfer girl, little surfer boy
The time has come, the day is done
Aloha means good-bye

Copyright © 2002

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