Lollipop Land

Music, Lyrics & Vocals by Carmel Madonna

Lollipop Land's not so far away its where dreams come true for kids all day
Where the fountains flow with soda pop and the yum yum trees are full of Lollipops
Cotton candy clouds all pink and blue, carousel ponies in every hue
Marshmallow trampolines down the lane — Jump on board the Lollipop Train

I want to go to Lollipop Land — I want to see the Lollipop Man
He is real tall with bright pink cheeks. wears rainbow suspenders and red clown feet
He'll teach you everything you want to know you might even slide down a candy rainbow
He's the Lollipop Lollipop Lollipop Man — I want to go to Lollipop Land


One Lick, Two Licks, Three Licks, Four, Get on the train. Jump on Board
Five Licks, Six Licks. Seven Licks More. Get on the train. Jump on Board
He's the Lollipop, Lollipop, Lollipop Man — he'll take you to Lollipop Land

There are sundae mountains with caramel sauce, whipped cream bushes and a cherry on the top
You can swing in the air an a licorice vine. juggle popcorn balls and never wait in line
Slip and slide down a chocolate bar, put your sticky fingers on the bumper cars
Ride the roller coaster up and down, make all he noise you want the kids are back in town

Pull ewwy gooey chewy taffy by the yard, take a ride around in the happy apple car
Have a great big glass of the pinkest lemonade, join the band, yeah you're in the parade
Now the time has come to say goodbye — this is not the time to pout or whine or cry
Hold your tummy 'cuz you know that it aches and go back home on the Lollipop Train


Copyright © 2002

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