Halloween Land

Music, Lyrics & Vocals by Carmel Madonna

In Halloween Land when the sky becomes dark
Out pops the owls from the hickory bark
WHOOO. WHOOO. WHOO. WH00, WH00, WH00, WH00, WH00, WH0, WH0
It happens in Halloween Land

When everyone is quiet and no one can he heard
Here come the skeletons but they do not say a word
Ssshh. Ssshhh. SSSSShhh. SSSSShhhh.
It happens in Halloween Land

Along with all the creatures who stir all through the town
The GHOSTS always makes sure that they make their ghostly sounds
BOO, Who. B00 Who
It happens in Halloween Land

As the night finishes up and the day begins to break
The CATS, get so scary and their backs begin to shake
They shake, they shake, they shake, shake, shake
It happens in Halloween Land

The owls, the skeleton, the ghost and the cats
Are waiting here in Halloween Land

Copyright © 1990

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