Carmel Madonna
Children’s Musical Edu-tainer

  • She's a Nutrition Musician
  • She customizes School Assemblies
  • She leads Campfire Sing-alongs
  • She's the life of Birthday Parties

What is the cost?

Event organizers and school administrators all agree: Carmel offers a great value. Your event is special and unique: Call or write Carmel and she will be happy to discuss specifics.

Please provide:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Age of children
  • Number in party
  • Favorite song(s)
  • Theme of party
  • Other information you think may be important

Carmel's large catalog of original music includes:

  1. All Kinds Of Books
  2. Broccoli, The Crown Jewel Of Nutrition
  3. Blarney Stone Song (Potato)
  4. Cabbages Grow And Cabbages Roll
  5. Carrots, Carrots, Carrots
  6. Chow Down, Rev Up - “The Breakfast Song”
  7. Dad Can We Buy Asparagus
  8. Fruit Salad
  9. Give Squash A Chance
  10. Grandpa’s Garden
  11. Green Salad
  12. Juice It Up
  13. Kiwifruit Song
  14. Let’s Make A Pizza
  15. Let’s Take A Trip On The Amazon
  16. Oranges
  17. Peas, Peas, I Love Peas
  18. Peas In A Peapod
  19. Persimmon
  20. Pick An Apple
  21. Pumpkin Pie Song
  22. Stone Fruit
  23. Strawberry Song
  24. String Beans
  25. Sweet Potato Pie
  26. Trail Mix
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